BLIGHT (John Smith, 1994-6) & HOME SUITE (John Smith, 1993-4) + Q&A

Sunday 29th Sept
Stow Film Lounge @ Leytonstone Library, Church Lane, Leytonstone, London E11 1HG at 12.00pm (Doors)

We are delighted to be working with The Barbican and the Leytonstone Library for the Leytonstone Loves Film extravaganza weekend, part of the Waltham Forest Borough of Culture celebrations. We will be located in the Leytonstone Library, screening two major films by the Waltham Forest-born, internationally recognised and award-winning filmmaker John Smith, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the building of the M11 Link road.

John Smith is one of the leading exponents of avant-garde filmmaking and is noted for his use of humour in exploring various themes that play upon the film spectator’s conditioned assumptions of the medium. For example, The Girl Chewing Gum (1976) is widely acknowledged as one of the most important avant-garde films of the 20th century.

Our programme features BLIGHT, a quite beautiful protest musical about the impact of the building of the M11 link road and this will be followed by a rare screening of HOME SUITE, his personal exploration of his home and memories before his John’s eviction from his Leytonstone home right on the M11 extension path.

We invite local residents, especially those who may have memories of the building of the M11 link road to join us for this unique event, and we are delighted that John himself will also be present for the screenings and will be in conversation discussing his work in Leytonstone, an area he lived and filmed in for many years.

This is an extraordinary and not-to-be-missed opportunity to hear from John Smith himself as we acknowledge the impact of the M11 extension on local residents and the streets where they lived, as well as examining its continued social and environmental impact.

BLIGHT (1994-6, 14mins)
Made in collaboration with the composer Jocelyn Pook. (Massive Attack, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick) This remarkable film revolves around the impact of the building of the M11 Link Road in East London, using images and sounds of demolition and road building in conjunction with the spoken words of local residents. A moving memento to the end of a community.

HOME SUITE (1993-4, 96mins)
Home Suite is unique a close-up journey through a domestic landscape and a journey through memory. Playing upon ambiguity and the unseen, it is a personal exploration of physical details of the space to trigger fragmented verbal descriptions of associated memories. The film takes the audience of a stunning journey where the details of life connect with a historical moment.

12.15pm, Film 12.30pm, Q&A, Close 3.30pm