THE TRICYCLE THIEF + Children’s Film Foundation Documentary (Marcus Shepherd, 2018)

Saturday 28th Sept
Stow Film Lounge @ X7eaven Performing Arts Academy, Nexus Centre, 3 Snowberry Close, Leytonstone E15 2AH at 4.00pm (Doors)

We are delighted to be working with The Barbican and the X7eaven Performing Arts Academy for the Leytonstone Loves Film extravaganza weekend, part of the Waltham Forest Borough of Culture celebrations. Our programme will be themed around films made on the street, jam-packed with short entertainments, family-friendly feature films and movies related to dance, as well as our own celebrated children’s feature film made in the Borough.

This original feature film for kids, was filmed in Walthamstow over the summer of 2018 and features a cast from the Borough.

Someone stole grand-dad’s antique red tricycle – who is the thief and can 9 year old Audrey get it back? One hot summer Saturday, en route to a party, an antique red tricycle is stolen from Audrey and Violet Couchman. It once belonged to their grand-dad and whoever took it stole a birthday present on the handle. 9 year old Audrey swears to get it back and sets out to reclaim the tricycle. In her mini-quest she discovers who the tricycle thief really is.

Street food stalls and cinematic treats like popcorn, hotdogs/veggiedogs, ice-creams, drinks and nibbles will be available throughout the day at all three screenings.

4.00pm, Film 4.15pm, Close 6.00pm