Stow Film Lounge was started in 2011 by two cinema lovers to bring regular commercial screenings back to the Waltham Forest, which at the time was one of only two London Boroughs to have no operating cinema. Kit was purchased, venues found and programming started. From Saturday morning kids’ pictures to silent cinema with live orchestra to outdoor screenings to one off cult movie events with Q&As, we deliver diverse bespoke audience screenings but also hit the spot with mainstream blockbusters.

Nick started his own mobile entertainment company, “The London Discotheque Company”, over 25 years ago and also worked as a DJ for a range of party planning companies including Joffins, Peregrine Armstrong-Jones, Bentley’s and William Bartholomew. He subsequently trained and worked as an actor performing in theatre-in-education, television and theatre. It was during his work at the BFI’s Museum Of The Moving Image (MOMI) that he met fellow actor/guide Marcus Shepherd.

More recently his entrepreneurial and events background have created Stow Film Lounge and resulted in it winning Waltham Forest’s 2012 small business award only a year after start-up. SFL was nominated as a venue in Time Out’s 2014 Love London Awards and in 2019 was featured as one of their Dream Screens (best indie screenings) in the London region – “A warm hug of a movie club”. Nick is a film journalist appearing regularly on BBC London 94.9FM radio. At the 2018 Waltham Forest “Love Your Borough Awards” he received the Leader’s Special Award for “outstanding cultural contribution” to Waltham Forest along with fourteen other worthy recipients.


Marcus started his career in the theatre, he worked at MOMI as an actor before moving into production at Gorgeous Films assisting top commercial director Chris Palmer. He’s directed and produced at Sky TV on shows like Barry Norman’s Film Night filming talent like Sir Michael Caine, Robert De Niro, Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Traci Lords and Dame Judi Dench.

He’s worked in places like the Oscars in Hollywood, on a transatlantic Concorde flight, up a tower crane and at 10 Downing St filming the prime minister. He’s worked at the Cannes film festival, Venice and San Sebastián festival. He’s interviewed over a 100 movie-talents like Nick Nolte, Martin Landau, Charlton Heston, Ian Holm, Greg Kinnear, Renee Zellwegger, Ewan Magregor, Uma Thurman, Neil La Bute, Danny Boyle, Cate Blanchett, Paul Schrader, Christian Bale, Peter Bogdanovich, Ken Loach, Shane Meadows, Robert Carlisle, Wong Kar Wei, Marianne Faithful, F MurrayAbraham, Dennis Hopper, Gary Oldman, Stephen Frears and many, many others.

Becoming renowned for having conversations with talented craftspeople he’s also written & directed numerous programmes like Star Wars Making Of The Myth rated one of the best documentaries on the legendary movie and Cinema Nation with the remarkable broadcaster and John Peel producer John Walters.

He’s also made promos, commercialsand original comedies like STUPID CULT featuring Charlie Brooker, ADRIAN CRISP PSYCHIC INVESTIGATOR with Jonathan Parkyn and the series HOME MOVIES with Joe Wilkinson.

He’s won awards for his work – THE SOFA, EL HOPPO! and THE TRIGGER. His first screenplay A KILLING IN THE WOODS won the screen daily Oscar Moore award judged Anthony Minghella and Emma Thompson. The Canada set taut thriller is being produced by Wellington Films, distributed by thunderbird pictures and sold by the Film Constellation- and is now casting for a 2017 shoot. His BFI developed Award winning dystopian comedy DRYLAND is produced by Dan Films and was just on the Britlist for best un-produced screenplays. This is currently being cast and financed. Marcus also has 2 new original features being produced, DINNER WITH THE DEVLINS with Starfish films – also casting- and IL BASSO! with Pink Floyd musician and comedian Guy Pratt and indie star Raeffello Degruttola.

As well as this Marcus has other projects and original screenplays and is one of the organisers and founders of Stow Film Lounge.